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London Bike Kitchen need your help

From the street outside The London Bike Kitchen looks like an independent bike shop. Frames suspended from the ceiling, retail necessities like locks and lights covering the walls, bike stands supporting steeds in need of a bit of TLC. Where... Continue reading »

The Nomadic Kitchen - Lamb Kofta Kebabs

"Claiming to have been awarded a masters degree in Kebab studies from Oxford University, Kadir took to the craft of Kebab making with an air of consummate professionalism." Tom Perkins, writer of Spices and Spandex & founder of The Nomadic Kitchen, cycled... Continue reading »

Svelte's Six for March

As Spring arrives with a rumour of increasing sunshine and expeditions, there’s much more to hold your attention after the excitement of the London Bike Show last month. Whether you’re heading off for a similar experience of talks and window shopping... Continue reading »

Interview with RAW Cycling Magazine

Fixed gear street-racing is growing. Taking place in cities across Europe and America, teams travel the world to compete in series that re-formulate city centre criteriums. Fast & vicious, with no room for error, bravery and skill are essential in... Continue reading »

The Harder The Ride, The Better The Coffee

In a world of varied routes, changeable weather and unpredictable mechanical issues, coffee is the reliable, comforting constant.   There’s a long-standing, intrinsic and inextricable link between cycling and coffee. From the espresso machine manufacturer-sponsored teams of the nineteen-fifties and... Continue reading »