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A load of old cobblers

"He just laughed before snarling a succinct reply: "Not cobbles! There are none in the UK."   When triple Tour of Flanders winner Johan Museeuw asked me if I'd ridden on cobbles before, I gamely tried to disguise my inexperience... Continue reading »


Routine has a stigma attached to it.  It's doing the same thing over and over and over again. It’s boring. It’s procedural. It’s repetitive. It’s mundane.  But routine is also essential.    What’s important is that the warm, cosy cuddle... Continue reading »


Is there a “canon” of cycling literature? A group of books that all who ride must read? If there is, then I think we can agree it contains Tim Krabbe’s The Rider - a selection as automatic as Eddy Merckx... Continue reading »

Svelte's Six for March

As Spring arrives with a rumour of increasing sunshine and expeditions, there’s much more to hold your attention after the excitement of the London Bike Show last month. Whether you’re heading off for a similar experience of talks and window shopping... Continue reading »