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Svelte Studios: the story behind a new vision

When we launched Svelte we were passionate about creating the best possible products for our customers in a way that was sustainable and efficient.

Our first collection of Heritage jerseys continues to be our best seller to this day and we believe embodies our vision of the best in timeless athletic design, we plan to develop this line further with new products and developments to be announced later this year.

The one promise we believe we have strayed from, for reasons that at the time seemed crucial to our development and survival in a competitive industry, is offering our customers the best value possible, cutting out costs that add no value to the product, and being as transparent as possible about our costs.

In order to move back towards our vision, and deliver better value to our customers, we have launched the Svelte Studios collection, which will be defined by two core principals:

Limited edition collaborations with artists we love

Moving away from timeless minimalist design, which will live on in our Heritage range, and this allows us to add progressive contemporary designs to our offering.

We will team up with incredible artists, illustrators and designers to deliver new exciting products throughout the year.

Each collection will be produced in limited runs that mean you know you are getting something truly unique.

Transparent pricing:  cutting out unnecessary costs

Delivering better products for less, premium quality for all. 

We believe customers have the right to know what their products cost to make, so we will be revealing our true costs, and then show you our markup.

In traditional retail a premium jersey is marked up 4-8x by the time it reaches the customer. By offering Svelte Studios products online only, and in limited runs, we eliminate a lot of expenses and pass these savings on to you.

The inaugural SS17 Svelte Studios collection, available for pre-sale from the 19th May here, is first step along this journey. We hope you love it as much as we do.

Stay awesome,

Team Svelte