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Interview with RAW Cycling Magazine

Fixed gear street-racing is growing. Taking place in cities across Europe and America, teams travel the world to compete in series that re-formulate city centre criteriums. Fast & vicious, with no room for error, bravery and skill are essential in completing even a single lap at race speed. 

Based in Barcelona, RAW Santafixie's Toni de la Torre is editor of RAW Cycling Magazine and here he speaks to Svelte about his 2016 ambitions, and what makes Barcelona such a beautiful place to ride. 


Describe RAW Cycling Mag in 3 words.

Pure cycling essence.

What's most exciting for you in 2016? 

This year we have new projects, new collaborations with big brands, amazing trips and a lot of experiences to share with our readers.

What are RAW Santafixie’s goals this year?

The team is central to RAW and we have two new members; Marco Hita, an experienced rider and very competitive, and Francisca from Chile, she is very strong and has participated in the Olympic Games and a lot of MTB races. Together with Oriol and me (Toni), we are the RAW Santafixie Racing Team.

This year we're focusing on racing the Red Hook Crit Series, some international races in Germany, and France, and the national circuit in Spain.

What’s the Barcelona fixie scene like? How different is it to other cities in Europe? 

Barcelona is one of the best places in the world. It has beaches, mountains, good weather, cool people, and lots of things to do.

The fixed gear scene here is great. We have specialist shops, fixie crews, city rides, velodromes, local brands... And Barcelona is a city that loves cycling.

It seems like a real community, who were the founders of the Barcelona fixie movement?

The fixed gear has revolutionised cycling in Barcelona.

Around 2006/08 the first fixed gear bikes appeared in the city and shops like C.R.E.A.M. Bikes and My Beautiful Parking opened their doors. We don't know if they are the "founders" but, they are one of the first. They started to do alleycats, night rides, videos, and the scene grew up little by little.

In 2013 the first Red Hook Crit arrived in Barcelona. It was awesome. Riders from around the world came to the city. 

If you could ride one bike for the rest of your life what would it be? 

Very difficult to answer... Nowadays, there are incredible bike models. Brands like Specialized, Cannondale, Giant, etc. are creating and innovating every day, but independent companies like Dosnoventa and No22 Bicycle, or frame builders like Legor, are building great products with really high quality components.

 If I had to choose:

  • Custom build: Legor Cicli Porrecaroad
  • Comercial: Cannondale Supersix Evo Blanck Inc.

Toni wearing the Heritage LS Jersey in Burgundy, and the Svelte Classic Bibshorts.


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Photo credits - Brazo de Hierro, Christayn Fletcher & Toni de la Torre.

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